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Public Recognition/Trust/Credibility * CMS Software * Service Enhancements * Business Resources * Marketing Resources * Customer Incentives * Revenue Enhancements * Downloads * Community * Official Certificate * Merchant Accounts * Training * FREE Web Page * LOTS More!

Are you sick and tired of being labeled a "SCAMMER" just because you do credit repair?

Learn how to differentiate yourself from the scam artists and boost your credibility with potential clients Dear credit repair professional, Those two words -- "Credit Repair" -- just mentioning them can raise a "Red Flag" in the mind of the listener. It's unfortunate but true. Because of all the unscrupulous agencies out there, ripping people off under the name of "credit repair" we all get painted with the same brush. No matter how honest you are, no matter how conscientious, no matter how hard you work to help your clients with their credit problems, you'll be lumped in with all those not-so-honest companies and individuals out to make a quick buck at the expense of those unfortunate people who desperately need help. But who can blame potential clients for their skepticism? They hear credit repair companies all the time making untenable promises ... promises on which they may well NOT be able to deliver. And when they DON'T deliver, the client becomes disillusioned with credit repair "professionals" in general.

And the word spreads!

Just do a Google search for "credit repair scams." You'll get nearly two MILLION hits! It's no secret that there's a lot of dishonesty in the business, a fact that's always uppermost in the minds of consumers. But often it's those of us who are truthful that are looked on as the crooks! After all, we're ready to take our client's money but unwilling to promise results. Results that many others DO promise! Let's face it ... it's just not fair! How are you ever going to differentiate yourself from all those unscrupulous credit repair companies who give the entire business a bad name? You've GOT to do SOMETHING to win the confidence of potential clients ... or you can just forget about any hopes of being successful in your business.

Consider the following page titles consumers are seeing on a regular basis:

'Project Credit Despair' Snares 20 'Credit Repair' Scammers Feds, states crack down on credit repair fraud Credit Repair Scams To Avoid! Avoiding "Credit Repair" and "Credit Counseling" Scams The Truth About Credit Repair & Credit Clean-Up Scams Credit Repair or Counseling Agencies May be Dangerous

Yeah, That's right!

When you approach a potential client to offer your services it's these and a million other similar headlines that are uppermost in his mind. If you were him, wouldn't YOU be skeptical? So how do you go about overcoming that skepticism? What can you do to make your client trust you, put his faith in you, allow you to work on his behalf to overcome his credit problems? And just as importantly, how are you, as an honest business person, going to compete with those willing to make deceitful promises that on the surface enhance their credibility to the detriment of your own? How do you set yourself apart from the rest of the pack?

Let's look at our question by addressing the issue of "perception" in the world of business.

Many people, when considering a business in credit repair, want to know "do I have to be an attorney to practice credit repair?" Now while there are attorneys who do practice credit repair, in reality there's nothing they do that can't be done by someone else who is NOT an attorney. And in some cases a non-attorney may even do a much BETTER job of repairing credit than a licensed attorney would! But let's consider the following scenario: Let's say you're in need of help with your credit. You know of a company willing to help you for a fee of $500. But you see an advertisement for a law firm wanting to repair your credit, also for a fee of $500.

Who are you going to choose?

Most people would choose the law firm. And in fact most people would even be willing to pay a much HIGHER fee for the law firm, even though there's nothing that law firm is going to do that the first company can't do just as well or better! ... a fact that some members of the legal profession would rather not become public knowledge. So why choose the law firm?

In a word, "Perception"

Because the lawyer can display a law school diploma on his office wall, the average person is more inclined to trust him than he would someone else. But not only that, the average person is even willing to pay a great deal MORE to hire the attorney. Now let's consider yet another scenario completely unrelated to the credit repair business. Let's say you need a new roof on your house. You've gotten bids from 4 - 5 roofing companies, all within the same "ballpark." But of those companies one is a member of the Better Business Bureau, and the others are not. Which company are you most likely to hire? Even though there may be little reason to think one company is more "honest" than the others, most people are more willing to put their trust in a company that displays the Better Business Bureau logo. Why? Because that company (just as in the case of the lawyer) is perceived as a "trusted professional."

Now getting back to the business of credit repair -

- short of spending many thousands of dollars and several years of your life to get a law school diploma, what can YOU do to enhance the perception that you are a "trusted professional"? To entice clients to choose YOU ... and even to pay you HIGHER FEES ... rather than choose another company? By establishing yourself as a trusted professional, clients will choose you over other credit repair companies.

As a member of the Ethical Credit Repair Alliance (ECRA) you will be perceived as honest and trustworthy, and your services will take on a higher perceived value in the eyes of clients.

Clients will even be willing to pay higher fees for YOUR services than they would be willing to pay others. The Ethical Credit Repair Alliance was founded in reaction to rampant abuses in the credit repair industry. Our goal is to improve the reputation of the credit repair profession, and to promote and maintain ethical practices in the credit repair business, for the benefit of our members and their clients alike.

Membership in the ECRA will turn all that public skepticism toward the credit repair industry to your advantage!

Clients will flock to YOU because they would rather pay their fees to someone they perceive as trustworthy. While searching for help with their credit, all of the "bad press" regarding the profession is uppermost in their minds. Rather than ignore their concerns, you will be addressing them DIRECTLY through your membership in the ECRA. You will differentiate yourself from all the scam artists and confirm yourself as a trusted professional. It's no secret that people, by a very great margin, would much rather place their trust in companies who distinguish themselves as members of a major organization. When you join the ECRA you will be given an "ECRA Membership Certificate" to display prominently on your wall, in full view of your clients -- just like other professionals, doctors, lawyers etc. You will have earned the right to display the ECRA logo on your business cards, letterhead, marketing materials, ads, and web site. Clients will see the ECRA logo and your ECRA page URL prominently displayed, and will visit your PERSONAL ECRA "My Company" web page where they can view your contact information and status as an ECRA member in good standing. They will view YOUR information ONLY! You needn't worry about them visiting our site and choosing to do business with a different ECRA member. Display the ECRA logo on your business web site. Visitors to your site will click on our logo and be instantly taken to your ECRA web page where they will be reassured that you are an honest, ethical professional in whom they may put their full trust without reservation.

They will be made acutely aware of our mission -- to promote the highest ethical standards and service excellence among our members. That as a member of the ECRA you have agreed to participate in voluntary self-regulation of our industry and have signed, and agreed to abide by our "Pledge of Ethics." They will be made aware that, by your willingness to open yourself to scrutiny, YOU (unlike all those unethical credit repair agencies they are so fearful of) have proven that YOU have NOTHING TO HIDE! Now ... put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers. Being aware of all the dishonesty within the industry ... and at the same time, being in DESPERATE need of help with your credit ... wouldn't you jump at the chance to hire someone whom you KNOW has voluntarily opened themselves to accountability ... to the public and to members of their own industry ... through membership in the ECRA? Wouldn't you be happy to find someone you have every reason to believe will provide you the highest quality service, and can be safely trusted to do their very best on your behalf? Bottom line -- what does membership in the ECRA mean for you?

More clients!

More business!


Why continue to let public distrust of credit repair companies ruin your business and severely limit your income potential ... when you can quickly and easily turn a negative into a


An All-Inclusive Resource ...

... for Credit Repair Professionals

But if you thought that the ECRA was nothing more than a logo to put on your business card and a certificate to hang on your wall .....

Think Again!

The ECRA is way, WAY MORE than that!

The ECRA is an all-inclusive all-in-one resource for credit repair professionals.

In addition to:
  • The Official Member Certificate
  • Member Logo to display on your business cards, letter head, advertising materials, website etc.
  • Listing in the ECRA Member Directory on the ECRA Public website
  • Your own "My Company" page on the ECRA Public website
You also get Unlimited Access to the ECRA State-of-the-Art ...

Credit Repair and Client Management Software

That includes:
  • A Database of your clients' contact info + notes
  • Enter all their derogatory information once
  • Create Dispute letters on the fly for CB and Creditors/Collectors with all your fields and addresses pre-populated
  • Select a different letter for different CB/Creditors on the fly (1 click)
  • Visual Dashboard of your client progress
  • A comprehensive database of letters for any occasion
  • A comprehensive "pickable" listing of dispute phrases
  • Tracking of how long letters are overdue for a response
  • Assign multiple Customer Reps to your account and they can only view their clients
  • Add your self-created letter templates (to be populated by the database)
  • Select dispute responses to each disputed item
  • Archiving of all your correspondence/Dispute letters
  • Add a limitless number of clients
  • Quick Start Training Video
  • Calendaring functions and reminders
  • Training Video - to get your up-to-speed FAST!

But That's Only the Beginning!

You'll also get:
  • Marketing Resources that include
  • Promotional Tele-Seminars - FREE with your membership
  • Promotional DVDs - available ONLY to ECRA Members
  • Reprintable Articles
  • More ...
  • Customer Incentive "Giveaways" that include:
  • Incentive Certificates - discounts on * vacations * cruises * restaurants * UNLIMITED Quantities --- FREE with your membership
  • Valuable Quality Financial Education Course - hands-free course teaches your clients about ...

... * avoiding financial disasters * plan for college or retirement * banking * investing * car/life/home/health insurance * avoiding scams * budgeting * investing * identity theft * IRAs * 401Ks * More *

--- people pay hundreds or $$$ for this kind of training --- give it to your clients FREE --- and earn their life-long gratitude and loyalty!

  • Service Enhancements - Become a Full Financial Services "Messiah" by offering
  • Loan Modification Services
  • Debt Settlement Services

... through our referral system - and earn commissions of $200 and UP

  • Downloads - articles, client newsletters, ebooks, audios, podcasts, more ...
  • Community
  • Members only forum
  • Members only newsletter
  • Feedback - continuously advance your knowledge through interaction with other professionals
  • Business Resources
Apply for a merchant account at affordable rates Quick access to products/services/resources you need to run your business economically and efficiently
  • AND we're continuously adding new resources, downloads, services, and improvements!
At the currently discounted price of only $59.95 a month, membership in the ECRA is FAR LESS than that charged by similar organizations. And if your membership results in ONLY ONE additional client a YEAR (and even charging very low fees for your services) your ECRA membership will not only pay for itself, but leave you a tidy profit to boot! And that's given only ONE CLIENT a year! Every client beyond that is pure profit! How can you possibly lose?

Give ECRA membership a try ...

Join Now

Membership involves NO long-term commitment. We will conveniently bill your credit card on a monthly basis -- no bother, no hassle! And if at ANY time you decide you membership doesn't produce the extra income you expected, all you need do is cancel.

But we're sure that once the additional income begins pouring in, cancellation will never even enter your mind. The real question is not "Can I afford to join?"

The REAL question is "how can I afford to NOT join?"

Every day you delay means LOST REVENUE!



Limited Time Offer!

Join RIGHT NOW for

*ONLY $1 ...

*NOTE: NOT available to returning members Returning members will be billed the regular fee

... and enjoy the benefits of membership for a full 30 days.

After 30 days - unless you cancel - you will be billed at a SPECIAL DISCOUNTED PRICE of only $59.95 a month ... and best of all, your membership fee will remain "Locked In" at just $59.95 a month for as long as you remain a member!

But as inexpensive as the membership fee currently is, you can be sure it will be going up in the very near future.

If you want to lock-in the current rate, the time to act is RIGHT NOW!

STOP ...

... being a victim of the dishonest practices of other credit repair agencies.

Set yourself apart from the herd, boost your credibility, elevates your trustworthiness and the perceived value of your services in the eyes of your customers ... and SKYROCKET your profits while taking your business to NEW HEIGHTS!

Join us today!

Join Now! and become an ECRA member

You'll be immediately redirected to a registration page.
  • Agree to our "Pledge of Ethics" and be directed to the private download area for IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the "ECRA Member Logo  
  • You will be mailed your Official ECRA Member Certificate
  • You will be given a listing on the "Public" ECRA Online Website
  • We will create your own Personal ECRA "My Company" web page that your clients can visit and be assured that, when they hire your services, they are hiring someone whom they can trust and who will provide them the best service possible for their money
  • You will have immediate access to the Private ECRA Member Area where you will enjoy all the benefits of membership - forum, articles, business resources, downloads (videos, audios, podcasts, Ebooks, motivational materials, credit repair letters, forms, contracts, and more)
  • You will have unlimited access to the ECRA Exclusive Credit Repair and Client Management Software that you can use to:
    • Automate you business - saving time, effort, frustration, stress, productivity, and MONEY!
    • Generate dispute letters - in seconds, NOT minutes
    • Manage your clients - with minimal effort
    • Maintain records of disputed items - WHAT was disputed, for WHOM, with WHICH bureau, and WHEN
    • Maintain payment records - complete, comprehensive, and accurate
    • And MORE VIEW A DEMO! (Opens in a new window) 
    • You will automatically receive a free subscription to the ECRA Members Newsletter  

Join Now!


P.S. Haven't you had enough of being labeled a "crook"? Aren't you fed up with being victimized by all the scoundrels who call themselves "credit repair companies" ... along with their customers? Well, it's time to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  

Don't Wait ... ACT NOW


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  and started enjoying the monetary and non-monetary rewards of ECRA membership. Remember! There's NO obligation, NO long-term commitment required. Try it for a month! If you're not absolutely delighted with the benefits membership brings you, just e-mail us and say "Cancel." That's it. No hassles, no questions, and NO NONSENSE! P.P.S. If you want to lock in the current rate for the lifetime of your membership, you've GOT to ACT RIGHT NOW! Once we raised our rates this offer will never again be available at this price!

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