Autoresponder Service

Autoresponder Service



You MUST follow-up
with your prospects!


Did you know that, on average, it takes at least 7 contacts with a prospect before you close a sale? The perfect solution is to use an “Autoresponder” to send regular email messages to your prospects. 

When you use an “Autoresponder” you place a signup form on a web page. When a prospect signs up for your mailing list, he is sent predefined email messages at regular intervals. 

Once you set up an autoresponder and a signup form, the entire process is automated, so that YOU don’t have to do a thing!

But initially you must:
* Purchase an autoresponder service
* Set up a mailing list
* Create the email messages
* Enter them into the autoresponder
* Create a signup form, and …
* Place it on your website

For just $9.95/month we’ll do it all FOR you

We’ll provide an autoresponcer service – set everything up – and place a signup form on your “MyCompany” page on the ECRA Public website (that you get FREE with your ECRA Membership) or on your Credit Repair Business website hosted by us (if you have one).

If you have a website hosted with a different web host provider, we’ll create and send you the HTML code for the signup form (for your Webmaster to insert into your website). 

All you have to do is provide us your company information and we take care of the rest!

Your prospects will receive the “You and YourCredit” email course — specially written for our ECRA members —  to convert credit repair prospects into clients! And every time a potential client signs up for your mailing list, you’ll get an email notification. 

CLICK HERE to submit your company information and sign up! 


 Don’t have a “MyCompany” page yet?

CLICK HERE for instructions.
Remember, it’s FREE with your ECRA membership.


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