Articles for Republication


.“Articles for Republication” may be freely distributed ONLY if the following conditions are met:

  • Articles must be used “as is” in their entirety without alteration of any kind
  • The tagline and copyright must remain intact
  • When used in electronic media any and all hyperlinks must work properly
  • Articles may NOT be used to spam! You may use these articles to send to mailing lists ONLY if lists are “opt-in”. We will take appropriate legal action against violators.
  • Articles may not be used in any context that promotes gambling, drugs, sexually oriented materials, hate, racism, or matter that is threatening, defamatory, obscene, offensive or illegal
  • ECRA assumes no responsibility for 3rd party usage of these materials



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Choosing Advertising Media

Credit Cards and the Wisdom to Use Them Well

Credit Counseling – Qualifications for Tax Exemption

Do You Need the Help of a Trained Financial Advisor?

Drafting a Dispute Letter

Learn to Save Money for Life’s Little Emergencies

Money Management

Take Advantage of the FCRA

Tips for Better Time Management

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