Press Release Service

Press Release Service


FREE to Our Members!


Promote Your Business with Press Releases

Want to promote your business and get FLOODS of traffic to your “MyCompany” page listing on the ECRA Public website (or to your own company website, if you have one)?

Use our Press Release Service — available FREE to our ECRA Members!

A press release (or “news release”) is a public relations announcement issued to online and/or offline news media, for the purpose of informing the public of a news event, new product or service launch, or company development.

It”s also a GREAT publicity tool!

Write a press release about your business, send it to us, and we”ll submit your press release through Press Media Wire for distribution to all the major online news organizations — Including the “Big Boys” — Yahoo News, MSN, and Google News.


You can send us 1 Press Release every quarter (i.e. every 3 month period, or 4 per year)

It would cost you $80 apiece to submit press releases on your own to Press Media Wire. But it”s FREE with your ECRA Membership.


I. Create a Press Release

1. Download and read “Press Release Yourself to Success

RIGHT Click Here and select “Save Target As” (IE) or “Save Link As” (FireFox)

2. Click Here to read “How to Format a Press Release”

3. Click Here to read online casino “Press Release Editorial Guidelines”

4. Write (or have someone else write) a press release about your business

IMPORTANT! The editorial and formatting guidelines MUST BE FOLLOWED!

II. Email us your press release

1. Send as a file attachment, in one of these formats:
MS Word (.doc – preferred)
Plain Text (.txt)

2. Include (in the email body) your FULL name and email address that”s on file with your ECRA membership

3. Type “ECRA MEMBER PRESS RELEASE” in the subject line

4. Email to


Do NOT neglect to read and follow the formatting and editorial guidelines when composing your press release.

As stated in the guidelines, every press release you send us MUST be unique. Do NOT submit the same press release multiple times. Submitting the same content while changing only a few words in the headline or body is not acceptable!

All press released must be reviewed and approved by Press Media Wire.[/hidepost]

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