Client DVDs


Front of case
Back of case
Inside case with pull-out insert

* click on each image to enlarge – opens in a new window

Client DVDs are a great addition to your marketing efforts. You can distribute these DVDs to potential clients which will differentiate you from the competition. It’s a great way to put potential customers at ease and showcase your professionalism and membership in the ECRA.

In addition you have 2 separate areas for your to stamp your company contact information. There’s a place on the back of the case and a place on the insert inside the case.

* You can only purchase client DVDs if you are a current ECRA member. You order will be reviewed for current membership status

Quantity $ Each Order  
5 $10.99 $54.95
10 $7.97 $79.70 BIG BREAK!
25 $6.90 $172.50
50 $5.50 $275.00
100 $4.20 $420.00
250 $3.35 $837.50
500 $2.55 $1275.00 BEST DEAL!


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