Clients’ Financial Education

Clients’ Financial Education


Provide Real Value to your customers!


Want to be a “Hero” to your clients? Earn their:

  • Loyalty
  • Trust
  • Referrals
  • Repeat Business

Enhance your services by offering them – for FREE – a quality financial education! Give your clients a complementary membership to “Financial Mastery 101” – a $47/month value!

ECRA Members may enroll up to 50 of their clients at no charge. Additional clients may be enrolled for a nominal fee. (Contact for more information)

To enroll clients individually

CLICK HERE to submit the “Client’s Financial Education Sign-Up Form”


To enroll multiple clients

1. CLICK HERE to download the “RegisterMultipleClients.xls” spreadsheet
2. Select “Save”
3. Fill in the information as indicated
4. Save and close
5. Email to

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