Welcome New ECRA Member!


We are delighted to have you join us!

As a new member, it’s VERY IMPORTANT that you do the following 3 things right away, so you can take full advantage of your membership:


I. Register to use the ECRA CMS Software

One of the major benefits of your ECRA membership is access to the ECRA state-of-the-art credit repair and client management software.

Similar software programs charge monthly fees SEVERAL TIMES the cost of your ECRA membership – for the software ALONE! But as an ECRA member, you have access to the CMS software for FREE – included in your membership.

In order to use the CMS software, you must first register. There is no charge for registration.

Please be sure you follow instructions carefully when you register. Your password must include at least 8 characters and at least 2 numbers. Once you have registered, please allow 2 – 3 business days for your registration to be processed. You will be notified by email when your registration is complete.

Important: Your login information for the CMS software will NOT be the same as your ECRA memberdhip login.


CLICK HERE to register to use the CMS software (or, from the “Members” area select “CMS Software” and choose “Registration” from the drop down menu).

While you’re waiting for your registration to be processed, why not get a “head start” by checking out the software “Training Video


II. Submit Your “Member Information” Form

We need your completed “Member Information” form for 3 very important reasons:

A. So we can list your company in the “Member Directory on the ECRA Public website.

Potential client will be able to visit the ECRA Public site and see that you are a trusted member of the ECRA

B. So we can prepare your ECRA Member Certificate

Your certificate will be sent to you by US mail at the end your 30 day trial period.

C. So we can prepare your personal “My Company” page on the ECRA Public Website.

This is a personalize web PAGE on the www.ECRAonline.org Public Website. Your personal web page will be linked to from your company listing in the ECRA Member Directory.

While your personal page is not mandatory, we highly recommend that you have one! After all, it costs you NOTHING – it’s included for FREE in your membership – and it’s you chance to advertise your business to the world right from the ECRA website! There is really no good reason to NOT have a personal “My Company” page on the ECRA Public website.


CLICK HERE to submit your Member Information so that we can get your listing “live” on the ECRA site right away!


III. Introduce Yourself in the Forum

Head on over to the ECRA “Members Only Forum” and introduce yourself! Just briefly say “Hi” tell everyone who you are, and say a few words about yourself.

The Members Forum is an important part of your membership – a place where you can ask questions and get help – and perhaps forge a few friendships.


CLICK HERE to visit the ECRA Members Only Forum (or select “Community” from the top navigation bar). 


And Finally …
If you have questions or need help please email our support staff at:


Welcome Aboard!

Ben Hanania
ECRA Chairman


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