Your “MyCompany” Page

As an ECRA member you may have a “MyCompany” page on the ECRA Public website, where you may talk about yourself, your company, and generally promote your Credit Repair Business.

When a visitor sees your listing in the ECRA Member Directory, he can click on your company name and be taken to your individual web page.

If you do not yet have a “”MyCompany” page, follow these instructions:

1. Visit the ECRA Member Directory

2. Click on the button for your State

3. Locate your company name in the left hand column

4. Send us the following infomation:

(a) Your State

(b) You company name exactly as it’s listed in the directory

(c) The complete text you want to appear on your individual page in MS Word (.doc) or Plain Text (.txt) format, and in ready-to-use form.

Please spell check and format the content exactly as you want it to appear, and pay attention to upper and lower case.

(d) Optional: Your company logo and/or 1 other image (in JPEG format) that you want to appear on the page

(e) Your Name and email address registered with your ECRA membership

(f) Email to:


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